New Jersey’s New Unemployment Reporting Law


Starting July 31, 2023, all employers with employees working in New Jersey are required to immediately and simultaneously report to the New Jersey Department of Labor (the “NJ DOL”) certain information relating to terminated employees.  Employers are to submit this information electronically at the same time they provide the terminated employee with his/her benefit instructions contained on Form BC-10.

How to Comply

All New Jersey employers are required to send Form BC-10 to each of their New Jersey employees upon termination. Simultaneously, employers are required to report an employee’s terminations directly to the NJ DOL. To do this, employers will first need to create/log in to their account with myNewJersey and Employer Verification Form ( f/k/a TWES. Instructions on how to do this can be found by clicking the above link.


In the event an employer fails to comply with this new reporting rule, it could face penalties equal to a minimum of $500 per day per occurrence. In addition, the NJ DOL will not permit such employers to file an unemployment claim appeal until it obtains compliant status.

Closing Thoughts

If New Jersey employers have any questions they can visit NJ DOL’s FAQ or seek competent employment law counsel.  Brody and Associates regularly advises management on complying with the latest local, state, and federal employment laws.  If we can be of assistance in this area, please contact us at or 203.454.0560.


Updated: Dec 13, 2023

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