Roadmap and Roles: Building Trust Among Exit Planning Team Members


When companies start the exit process, people inside and outside the company can get worried about their jobs and their futures. Join us as XPX members Erin Spencer and Alicia Parr show us how building trust among team members helps make the exit process more productive and profitable for all.

Our Speakers:

Erin Spencer
EdgeBrook Lane Consulting

Erin Spencer is the founder of EdgeBrook Lane Consulting. Erin leads an amazing team that helps small and medium sized business businesses build a sold HR infrastructure. She has over 15 years progressive experience in human resources, strategic organizational development and alignment, and operations experience in a variety of businesses and nonprofits.

Alicia Parr

Alicia Parr is the founder of Performentor, with deep experience in HR, she delivers a behavior science-informed and small-business approach. An entrepreneur at heart, Alicia has 20 years of HR experience in small businesses spanning multiple industries. Her expertise is coauthoring learning cultures, amplifying innovative environments, and building high-performing teams of HR experts.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

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