Samantha McElhaney, SouthState Bank, Keith Costley, Keck & Wood, Inc., and Derek Griffin, Speartek on “ProfitSense”


Host Bill McDermott was joined by three accomplished business leaders on this edition of ProfitSense. Banker Samantha McElhaney discussed what business owners need to be focused on now, what to look for in choosing an advisor, as well as how she uses her extensive network to assist her clients. Keith Costley shared how his engineering consulting firm develops and retains talent, how collaboration with clients has been so crucial to their success, and his firm’s succession planning process. Derek Griffin talked about how his firm helps gift and home decor firms, industrial products companies, distributors, and other B2B companies with website and e-commerce solutions for their marketing needs.

Bill closed the show with a commentary on the four components of getting a business ready to sell for its maximum value.

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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

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