Small Business Valuations in a post-COVID World


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With public equity markets continuing to rise, many of us are curious if the private market valuations should rise as well. Too many owners are struggling and questioning their future and with that are considering an exit. But will their valuations justify an exit? What is the current read on the private market? How much of last year’s data is impacting current valuations?

At this month’s discussion we will hear insight from Greg Caruso, Esq.,CPA,CVA and Partner with Harvest Business. Greg has been involved with various industries throughout his 30 year career. Counseling the private market owners on a broad range of business topics with most recently specializing on business valuations. It will be an engaging session that you don’t want to miss!

This highly interactive session will allow for participation by attendees in a collaborative format. As an association of experienced advisory professionals for business owners and their companies, we are all focused on delivering the highest level of subject matter expertise to our clients and we would value your expertise and insights.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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