What Does Covid-19 Mean for Valuation in your Community Heading into 2021?


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What does Covid-19 Mean for Valuation in your Community Heading into 2021?

Using data from multiple resources, our guest speaker, Sean Hutchinson, addresses the potential for one of the biggest economic disruptions in history and makes the case that cities are standing on what he refer to as a “burning platform” — but may not know it. According to recently gathered estimates, there are approximately 3.5 million boomer owned/operated businesses in the US, employing an estimated 72,000,000 full-time workers. The total enterprise value of these businesses is approximately $13-15 trillion. As point of reference, the enterprise value of baby boomer owned businesses is five times greater than the market value of Amazon, Apple and Google, combined.

Our Speaker:

Sean Hutchinson / Partner, RFN Global

Sean Hutchinson, CEPA CMAA – Sean is an entrepreneur who has worked with other entrepreneurs and business owners to help them define and achieve their ideal business outcomes. As one of the founders of RFN Cities, Sean is focused on helping communities and their privately held businesses to achieve successful transition outcomes. When businesses are more prepared for a successful transition, community stability improves and wealth is preserved and re-invested. Sean is determined to make sure these changes ensure long-term continuity of communities and the prosperity of the people who live there.  Sean sees his work as transformational, not just transactional, and it all comes down to getting business owners ready for next!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

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