Why Accountability is Vital to Your Company and How to Implement It


One of the topics I talk about most with business owners is accountability. Each situation is different, but rarely do I have a client that doesn’t struggle with accountability at some point over the course of owning their business. One client right now has run a very successful company for over 48 years. But when I asked the CEO who was accountable for sales, she told me that the business had always been run with no one accountable for sales.

Recently, I was talking to a staffing firm and the CEO was accountable for everything. If no one else is accountable in an organization, then it all falls to the CEO.

And then sometimes there’s split accountability where two people are responsible for the same thing. When this happens, each person typically assumes that the other person is accountable for that area.

In an ideal world as a CEO or business owner, it’s really important that there be one person each accountable for the three main functions in a company: sales, operations, and finance.

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Updated: May 11, 2022

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