Why do only 4% of Businesses Sell?


Program produced by XPX Atlanta.

The Hard Realities of Exit and How We Can Fix It

Advisors – we have work to do! To repeat: only 4% of businesses actually sell. In this important November XPX Program, we will review and discuss the reasons for that abysmally small number. More important, in true XPX fashion, we will drill into the ways we as trusted advisors can improve that number.


  • The 3 main reasons that businesses don’t sell
  • Business Readiness vs. Owner Readiness
  • How to assess and address the key reason: Owner Readiness
  • The planning, work and strategy that goes into Readiness
  • How to lead owners to the right people, and take the right actions


  • How to address Owner Mindset, including being realistic about an appropriate sales price, knowing what the next stage will bring, and more.
  • Being brave enough to have the tough conversations and ask the right questions
  • What are the right Qualifying Questions to assess readiness
  • How to show owners what is possible, where are the gaps


Bob Tankesley

M&A Advisor
Neri Capital Partners

Bob Tankesley has 22 years of experience in tax, accounting, and financial advisory market sectors, ranging from a Fortune 500 Corporation and Big 4 accounting firms to micro-cap and lower mid-market businesses. For the past 16 years, Bob has advised over one hundred business owners on business transaction, business valuation and exit planning methods.  As a 4th generation entrepreneur, Bob has a deep affinity for and understanding of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Bob is a CPA with a BS/BA degree in Accounting (cum laude) from UNC Asheville and an MBA in Finance from Appalachian State University. Bob also co-founded the XPX Atlanta Chapter.


Diana Murphy

Executive Coach
Diana Murphy Coaching, LLC

For 8 years, Diana has been helping business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. She helps them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Her clients include service providers, expert advisors, CEOs and small business owners whose business growth is taking a toll with chronic stress and long hours affecting their health and relationships.

She helps clients invest in their personal mindset and well-being to see the financial growth and fulfillment they crave in their business and personal lives.

Anthony Chen

Financial Advisor
Lighthouse Financial Network, LLC

Anthony Chen is an Investment Adviser Representative at Lighthouse Financial Network, LLC. He started his career in Financial Services with MetLife in Buffalo, NY. Anthony now works with families and business owners in the Atlanta metro area. From preserving to creating wealth, Anthony partners with CPAs and attorneys to help address all of the concerns and help clients achieve their goals. By using a combination of financial products ranging from insurance to multiple investment options, Anthony looks to be the eyes and ears for his client’s financial foundation. In his spare time, he is also an avid long-distance runner.

Brent Stromwall

CEO & Executive Coach
Professional EOS Implementer

Brent is a proven executive and business leader with experience in corporate leadership and execution. He spent the first 30 years of his career helping lead a privately-owned engineering firm which grew nearly 15X in revenue. He led and captured new market segments, and brought to market new and innovative solution offerings that better met client needs.

He is both a student and teacher of team health, group dynamics, and the neuroscience of emotional maturity in executives. As a Professional EOS Implementer® he now enjoys helping leadership teams become healthy, productive, highly functional, joy-filled teams that enjoy working together on what matters.

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

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