How a Fractional VP of Sales can increase the valuation of a business


In this video, I summarize why a Fractional VP Of Sales is often the best choice for a business in transition. Businesses from $3M-$75m often encounter a “Gap” they have to address before they can leap to the “next level”. This will require professionalizing the sales team by removing or elevating the current leadership from the sales function. An experienced Fractional or Outsourced Sales leader is often the next best step to support this transition.

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Updated: Apr 2, 2022

About the author
John Spencer of Clear Direction Sales Development is a member of XPX Austin

-Declining/stagnant sales -Inability to take sales volume to the “next level” -They are not sure if they have the right salespeople -Stress from wearing too many hats -Only receiving reactive sales, because there are no proactive sales efforts tak