5 Ways to Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset


For anyone who’s thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, whether you’re just out of school or fed up with corporate America and are inspired to “go for it”, this blog is for you. Remember, mindset first, then skill set. Having the right mindset will get you further than simply checking the boxes of certain skills. So, how do you cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset? Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned over the course of my own journey.

  1. Be a life-long learner.  

    Laid off at 54, I had to learn how to become an entrepreneur (risk-taker) from being a banker (no-risk-taker). I had 32 years of banking experience and training that I was able to launch a business with, but the learning didn’t stop there.

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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

About the author
Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

Business owners have a big vision for their company & want to move forward, but don’t know how. I help identify hurdles getting in the way & create a path to profitability they never thought possible.