Case Study Session 3: Focus on Growth, Building Sales and Enhancing Effectiveness


Case Study Session 3: Focus on Growth, Building Sales and

Enhancing Effectiveness 

HiTech owners want to grow the business to make it salable in a few years. A key area of focus should be the sales organization. The company needs a sales organization that can succeed after the owners exit the business. How can the owners create an effective organization that is not dependent on them?

In this presentation, we will discuss building a sales organization that potential buyers will consider an asset, not a liability. To make the company salable, the owners will need to shed their day to day sales responsibilities. They must recruit a sales leader, develop a sales team, and create the necessary tools and systems to support the sales effort. This is usually a multi-year process.


Our Speaker:

David Wallace, Wallace Management Group

David is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur who generates confidence and trust. Through deep experience, analytical approach and intense focus on processes and solutions, he excels at crafting the master organization behind the sales effort. With David’s people skills, he builds strong relationships and has a passion for teaching/sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. By combining these talents, David has founded three successful companies: Wallace Management Group (which helps companies remove obstacles to sales productivity), The Sales Management Group (works with CEOs and sales leaders to create powerful sales organizations), and MarketLINK (sales enablement programs for F500 companies.

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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

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