Growth through Acquisition


Program produced by XPX Triangle.

Addressing the challenges of acquisitions: Integrating a new management team; integrating cultures; keeping key employees happy.

Our Speakers:

Nigel Elkan
Action Coach of the Triangle

I am a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and coach. I have founded and grown 5 businesses–three became $multi-million successes, market leaders, and achieved highly successful exits. I’ve raised over $40 million in venture funding and worked on business exits that achieved over $200 million.

My business coaching builds on practiced, refined, and proven expertise. I have coached and consulted for more than 10 years, for a wide range of businesses. My clients are ambitious business leaders with strong technical skills, seeking the sales, marketing, and operational knowledge to enable and propel the next phase of their business’s growth.

Beth Lambert

Beth Lambert is an experienced technology and business development leader in the financial services, automotive, defense and national securities government contracting industries. She jumped into the M&A business early in her career by leading Research & Development activities that supported $B pursuits of new business and produced $M sales. She was instrumental as the Business Development Principle for a newly acquired company by a NY venture capitalist firm. In this role, Beth identified synergies, developed campaigns to gain new customers, and integrated product lines between the existing portfolio of companies and newly, emerging acquired companies owned by the venture capitalist firm.

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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