Negotiating Working Capital


Program produced by XPX Philadelphia.

For our April program, we explore the challenges associated with negotiating working capital. Our panel discussion will provide insights from dealmakers, financial advisors and legal experts how to navigate the working capital negotiations both before and after the sale.

The case study is based on a $40M, privately held, family owned Manufacturing Company that is planning for an exit. This next session is designed to share knowledge, build relationship within XPX Philadelphia and learn from our shared values and experience. The sessions will be highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking!

You can read the case study by clicking on the link below.

XPX Philadelphia case study 

Our Panel:

Diane DeCesare, CPA, MT
Chief Knowledge Officer/Shareholder

David P. DeMuth, CPA, CGMA
Senior Managing Director
CFO Consulting Partners LLC

Our Facilitators:

Susan Rosner
Managing Partner
Calder Associates of Pennsylvania

Steve Economou
Grassi & Co

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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