Have You Checked Your Blind Spots Recently?


We’ve all had the experience of driving down the road and trying to change lanes, only to realize just in time that there was a car in your blind spot. Or maybe you didn’t realize in time and the day ended much more disastrous than expected. Keeping an eye on our blind spots and checking for things we may be missing helps to avoid these disasters. 

The same is true in your business. As a business owner, you might be cruising along, missing something potentially catastrophic because it’s in your blind spot. Nobody likes unexpected surprises, especially ones that may take our business off-course.

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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

About the author
Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

Business owners have a big vision for their company & want to move forward, but don’t know how. I help identify hurdles getting in the way & create a path to profitability they never thought possible.