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Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

Worry about cash flow is one of the top issues that keeps business owners up at night. Cash flow is like oxygen to a business and without it, the business won’t survive. Several years back, I had a client ask me, “If I’ve made $500,000 in profit, why isn’t it in the bank account?” A very good…

Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

Cash is like oxygen to a business owner. It’s necessary. The struggle comes when business owners get confused and frustrated trying to manage the cash flow of their business. It shouldn’t be so hard to predict cash collections and then match expenses against that. But when growth happens, receivables go up and cash goes down because revenue lags…

Diane DeCesare of Drucker & Scaccetti is a member of XPX Philadelphia

Tax payment deadlines sneak up fast for most people. Many delay organizing their documents, postpone contacting their tax advisor, and then hope any potential tax balance due will be manageable. With some proactive tax planning you can reduce uncertainty, potentially minimize your tax liability, and better manage the tax cash flow needed to pay your…

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
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Program produced by XPX Long Island. Long Island Case Study Part 6: Financing Growth and Liquidity his discussion will focus on third-party capital options for Companies exploring liquidity or growth capital. Our panel of experts (Private Equity and Lenders) will focus on what steps a business should—and should not—take to prepare for and attract lending…

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
XPX Content

Program produced by XPX Philadelphia. Let’s Get Creative: Options for Financing Deals Between $5-$10M Solutions for funding deals between $5M to $8M are few and far between. These deals exceed the $5M cap for SBA financing and often exceed the maximum amount for a non-collateralized loan. To get a deal done, an acquirer needs more…


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Marc Kramer of Stress Free Family Business is a member of XPX Philadelphia

Date: January 28, 2022 Platform: Zoom Start Time: 12 p.m. End Time: 1 p.m. Questions: Chat Click Ticket: Jim McKelvey From the cofounder of Square, an inspiring and entertaining account of what it means to be a true entrepreneur and what it takes to build a resilient, world-changing company In 2009, a St. Louis glassblowing artist and recovering computer scientist named…

Jan. 24, 2022
Angela Rehkop of Financial Care Providers is a member of XPX Atlanta January 21,2022 More Than Writing A Check Sometimes the road to philanthropy begins with a simple phone call. For Angie Rehkop, founder of Financial Care Providers in Atlanta, the giving journey began when a friend asked her to go horseback riding. The request was for adult volunteers to accompany children who were patients at…

Jan. 23, 2022
Paul Cronin of SuccessionMatching, Ltd. is a member of XPX Greater Boston

I was speaking with an advisor to business owners recently about my client screening process for selling a business. I said that to deliver the best result, I ask business owners to write down three sets of goals. The reason is that many, if not, most owners only think of the business sale (the transaction)…


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