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4Impact Data 4 months ago

A recent report says that businesses who utilize a mentor(s) have a 70% greater chance of surviving beyond 5 years than those who don’t. This seems intuitive, yet why do so many entrepreneurial owners not employ this strategy? All of us when we started in business didn’t know what we didn’t know but today it is much easier to identify knowledge gaps and to use Codified Wisdom to answer critical questions to business survival.

Our Knowledge as a Service-based software company gives SMBs affordable access to impactful data and increases their ability to not just survive but thrive. It also tees up information for Coaches and Consultants to come in and save a lot of time by having clear, understandable information that can be implemented immediately. Not only that but without knowing it and by making data-based decisions versus running by gut, owners are preparing themselves and their business for a more smooth and profitable exit whenever the time is right.

Updated: July 21st, 2022

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