How to diversity your team to crush the market? Meet Global Leader Kay Formanek author of “Beyond Diversity and Inclusion”

Date: July 29, 2022

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In Beyond D&I, Kay Formanek brings her more than twenty years’ experience working with the world’s leading organizations to take diversity and inclusion into the strategic roadmap of the organization.

Whether you’re a leader, HR practitioner, sponsor of a D&I initiative or an employee who wants to see your organization benefit from more inclusivity, the book equips you with the tools you need to develop the strategic case for diversity, craft a compelling narrative and chart a tailored roadmap to lock in diversity gains and close key performance gaps. As well as two core anchor models―the Virtuous Circle and Integrated Diversity Model― the book features case studies, profiles of inclusive leaders, engaging and intuitive visuals and a wealth of evidence-based initiatives that you can start implementing today.

With five essential elements and six core capabilities, the result is a definitive, holistic and practical guide that will help you convert your D&I initiatives into sustainable diversity performance.


Kay Formanek is Founder of Diversity and Performance, and the author of Beyond D&I, a book that equips leaders with strategic models and practical tools for advancing Diversity Performance in their organization.

Kay is regarded as a leading authority on diversity and inclusion serving as global speaker, board member, contributor to leading business schools and advisor and expert to various leading advisory organizations.

Kay Formanek brings over 30 years of experience of navigating diversity journeys and cultural transformations in over 50 organizations spread across the world. She was Partner and Managing Director in Accenture, a professional services organization, where she played a key role in advancing diversity and inclusion over a period of 25 years. She also assumes the role of Inclusive Leadership Coach and Expert in Aberkyn and McKinsey.

Within the framework of her own company, Diversity and Performance BV, Kay has spent the last six years undertaking extensive study and research in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity, leadership and purpose. She has collaborated with multiple organizations to develop and test her thinking. Her experience and research led to the development of the anchor diversity models: the Virtuous Circle and the Integrated Diversity Model.

Kay is a teacher at heart, believing in the importance of knowledge and personal learning as the means to overcome personal and systemic bias. She also believes that personal learning is at the heart of becoming a courageous and inclusive leader of diversity. She has developed the global certification program for corporates, government institutions, professional services organizations and NGO’s entitled “Inclusive Leadership and Mitigating Bias” Certification. Diplomats, ambassadors, D&I practitioners, leaders, professors and many individuals who wish to play a role in advancing inclusive diversity have attended certifications around the world: Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Boston, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and more than 30 other locations.

Kay was born in South Africa, holds the Austrian citizenship and is resident in The Netherlands. She considers herself a global voyager and contributor. She holds an MBA from The Graduate School of Business Cape Town, with exchange to Duke, Fuqua School of Business. She obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in Business Economics from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

She is devoted mother to her three kids, whom she holds as being her daily mirror of what diversity means in a changing world.

Further Detail

1. 30 Year International Career for Sustainable Business Performance

Founder of Diversity and Performance Advisory Services

Kay is Founder of Diversity & Performance, a global company committed to embedding diversity of talent into the transformational purpose of companies to unleash more creativity, more innovation, more growth, more engagement and better financial outcomes.

Inclusive Diversity Expert, Coach and Facilitator in Aberkyn/McKinsey

Kay assumes a role of coach and facilitator to Board Members of clients of Aberkyn/McKinsey. She is facilitator of cultural change and turn-around programs. She led the Certification of Inclusive Diversity Facilitators for Aberkyn and key clients (profit and not-for-profit).

Managing Director, Partner and Life Sciences Industry Lead in Accenture

Before, Kay was Executive Director and Partner in Accenture for 25 years and assumed multiple leadership roles including Managing Director of the Life Sciences Practice in Europe, Latin America and Africa. She served on the Accenture CEO Advisory Council. She was executive member of the Products Operating Unit. She was based in South Africa and The Netherlands and worked internationally.

Sponsoring Partner for Accenture’s Talent Initiatives, with main focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Kay is deeply committed to the development of talent within Accenture and assumed various roles such as Sponsor of the Global Leadership Development Program, Executive Member of the Diversity Forum, Member of the Unconscious Bias Task Force and acting as mentor and coach and sponsor for rising talent.

Senior Roles held:

1. Member of the Global Products Executive Committee

2. Managing Director for Life Sciences Practice in EALA (Europe, Africa, Latin America)

3. Member of Global Life Sciences Team

4. Member of the Accenture CEO Advisory Council

5. Sponsoring Partner and Contributor to the Accenture High Potential Talent Program

6. D&I Lead for Accenture The Netherlands

7. Chair of a consortium of Health and Life Sciences businesses and regulators

8. Track record in serving on Executive Boards and Advisory Councils

2. Kay’s 30 years advisory experience in an international context, complimented by her cultural and coaching expertise, allows her to fulfil various advisory and board positions on profit and none-profit organizations.

3. Committed to Giving Back to the World

Kay is highly involved in initiatives focused at raising the confidence of talent and communities through the development of capabilities and by way of sponsorship and mentorship.

Board Member Afrika Tikkun

Serves as Board Member of Afrika Tikkun in the UK. Afrika Tikkun’s upholds youth development as the hallmark of change. It is a leading non-profit company in the fields of education, skills development and socio-economic upliftment. Its commitment remains unwavering: to impact South Africa for the long term, one inspired young life at a time.

Lead Your Future

Served on the Advisory Board of Lead Your Future (LYF) to empower young women to develop their confidence and their capabilities to be a force of good to the world.

Contributing Lecturer at Foremost Business Schools

INSEAD: Long-term involvement with INSEAD on their Corporate Governance, Gender Parity and Women’s Council Programs as contributor and lecturer.

DELFT: Contributor to the Women and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Programs.

Nyenrode/Right Brains: Lecturer on Women’s Digital Leadership Annual Program

Erasmus University: Expert and Contributor and Speaker on the Erasmus Implicit Bias Program across all Academic Schools

4. Academic Qualifications

MBA from The Graduate School of Business Cape Town, with exchange to Duke, Fuqua School of Business. 1994/1995

Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in Business Economics from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 1990

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