How to XPX: Help, my EBITDA Sucks!


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how to xpx: help, my ebitda sucks!

What do you mean my EBITDA sucks – and what does that have to do with my business value? Episode #3 on our business owner’s journey towards a successful exit. Experience our “owner’s” dose of reality on how his company’s financials are the cornerstone for measuring transferrable business value to a potential buyer — and how executing on a focused project plan can address key value detractors in advance to improve the odds for a successful sale.

Our MC:

Barry Selvidge, Partner – Newport LLC

With over 30 years of experience as a founder, operator and chief legal officer for public and private companies, Barry provides wise and trusted counsel to his business owner clients. A veteran business and legal advisor who has walked in his clients’ shoes, Barry’s unique combination of entrepreneurial, corporate and M&A experience helps early stage and middle market companies accelerate growth and prepare for exit.

Our Panel:

Bill McDermott, Founder & CEO – The Profitability Coach

Bill is a Profitability Coach with a passion for helping make business owners better financial managers. He’s coached hundreds of business owners on how to break through barriers to growth, increase profitability and cash flow and be financially prepared to exit their business on their terms. Bill leverages his knowledge and relationships from 32 years as a banker to identify the hurdles getting in the way and create a plan to deliver profitability for business owners.

Terri Teague, Owner – SmallBiz.Consulting

As a prior owner of multiple businesses, Terri has first-hand experience with the multitude of challenges faced by owners in growing their companies. She applies her real-world knowhow gained over 20 years of business ownership to help company owners effectively navigate the small business landscape. Terri provides insightful solutions and creative strategies that propel businesses toward their growth goals, while also preparing owners for the time when they will be ready to successfully sell their own companies.

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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

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