Mindset is a value driver……


And it starts with our own mindset. 

I have been in the business of human development, professional development for quite some time now. First at Gallup, as we started the StrengthsFinder tool, and then as coach starting a practice to serve high achievers 8 years ago.  Now as I serve as a personal CEO coach for small business owners, it is abundantly clear to me that mindset drives value and not in a soft way. A clear, less stressed, empowered mind creates powerful results.  Mindset drives value, hands down.

These past 2 years have been an epic challenge for business owners, hands down.  As expert advisors, you’ve seen it all.  I know I have.  Which owners are doing well?  Those that are clearer than ever about what they want to achieve, learning where to delegate, where to step in and lead and when to rest and revive for the next challenge. Companies led by owners that respond to challenges in this way are creating sustainable, high value businesses and are making powerful, value driven decisions.  

How do we help owner’s to get to this space of clarity? It starts with us, the expert, the leader in any particular expertise, getting clear and grounded even when the owner’s situation is high stress.  There are three quick steps you can be mindful of in any engagement, they are powerful. These are extremely useful ‘go to’ steps that can support you no matter the stress level of the engagement. 

Get clear on your own thinking.  Take some time to see where you’re nervous or worried about the dynamic in a deal or engagement with an owner.  What are you literally thinking?  Admit what you’re worried about first. This awareness puts you back in the driver’s seat as you lead your client.  Think less reacting to the situation vs grounded action as you navigate the twists and turns of a deal. It is so fascinating to me how powerful just admitting our own thoughts and emotions literally clears the air.  

Lean into your expertise and ask THE questions.  Dig in and do your work, bring your genius to the table. AND don’t avoid the tough questions.  You already know this, when stakes are high and our clients are in tough spots, bringing our expertise and courage isn’t always natural. Stressful emotions make us naturally pull back.  Get clear and step in.

Give your client space.  Last but not least, you might be the only safe space that your client can air their concerns.  Let them get it out, just like your awareness of your own thinking is powerful, let your clients see what they are thinking and evaluate these beliefs.  Choosing a clear direction will come from sharing what they are most afraid of and leaning into what they really want.  

This is coaching and self coaching at a powerful level.   We are asked to wear many hats as advisors in the exit space, being coach and confidant is one of them.  You don’t need to be a coach to wear this hat, taking some time to coach your own mind can be enough.


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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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