Preserving Transferable Value Inside the Company


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“Making the Owner Irrelevant – Preserving Transferable Value Inside the Company

We set the stage in January. Now, let’s get into it. Among the very first – if not THE first – questions from a buyer is, “So, tell me why the owner is selling and what am I going to be left with?”. The buyer is going to offer more when the risk is low that a departing seller is walking away with company value.

Our programming for this year will be a Collaborative Forum on the Hard Realities and How-To’s of successful business building and selling in 2023. Breaking News: Interest rates are still up. The economy is trending down. Buyers are retrenched. Deal flow in some industries is slow. If a deal is not in the pipeline now, it’s probably not going to close in 2023.

Of course, to our XPX community, this harsh news is not news at all. In fact, here’s the real news…It’s Time to Seize the Opportunity! More urgent than ever, right now is the time to get your clients’ attention to optimize now! We will be sharing the How-To’s of having the conversation with, and questions you need to be asking of your clients.

What’s going on out there in the M&A world? What do buyers want? What are they thinking? We will discuss these questions over the course of the year so that you have more tools to help turn potential client crises into a successful sale/exit.

Take-Aways: 5 Questions you need to ask of your clients on this month’s topic.


David Shavzin
The Value Track

David helps owners sell companies, optimizing price and sale terms, allowing them to monetize their life’s work. Starting with helping owners understand the sale process, transferable value and what it takes to succeed.

David founded The Value Track in 2000 and co-founded XPX Atlanta. He brings 20+ years of experience including finance and M&A roles in Europe, and senior operational roles in North America. He is a frequent speaker on business sale and exit planning. David earned an MBA from George Washington University and a BA from the University of Wisconsin. He is fluent in French, and speaks Spanish.


Kenny Baer, CFP®, CEPA

Managing Partner
Baer Wealth Management

Kenny has over 20 years in the wealth management/financial planning fields, having joined Baer Wealth Management shortly after graduating from college.

Kenny is a 2nd generation owner having purchased the business from his father in 2014. Kenny’s work has been published in numerous industry publications. He has also published a book, “One Shot” which helps educate a business owner on what they need to do to have a successful exit from their business.

Maria Forbes

President & Chief Engagement Officer
FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC

Maria is dedicated to helping business owners and leaders plan for growth and succession through the right alignment and optimization of their biggest asset, their people. Working as a strategic partner, Maria brings tools and processes scaled for small business, to attract and retain top talent through all phases of the business life cycle.

FIREPOWER is your onboarding concierge – designing customized plans to make the first ninety days of employment a productive start to a long-term association. Leaders learn to build a people-powered business that develops and retains top talent as unique contributors to organizational growth.

Neeli G. Shah JD, LLM, CEPA

The Law Offices of Neeli Shah, LLC

With over 12 years of experience in the Trusts and Estates industry, Neeli Shah has represented many individuals, families, small businesses, and non-profits. She believes that for any well-drafted estate plan to work in practice, it must also work within the family dynamics of each unique family. Her personal background combined with her technical expertise gives her a unique and compassionate perspective on Estate Planning with which she serves all her clients. As a mother of two little boys, she is mindful of the fact that your family is your most valuable asset.

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

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