The Current Outlook and Environment for M&A


The business community was dealt unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, creating massive disruptions in everything from supply chains, to employment, technology and valuations.

Join us as we hear from local experts on the M&A outlook for the rest of the year and into 2022.

Meet Our Speakers:

Deborah Agrafojo

M&A Advisor
Touchstone Advisors

Deborah has influenced and directed strategic and owner-operator mergers and acquisitions in many different fields. She is now heading up the Food and Beverage vertical for Touchstone with a focus of businesses from 5MM to 50MM in Revenue. She believes strongly that assisting a business to grow and develop strong practices is the best way to create a company that is poised for exit planning or gaining an equity growth partner. As a graduate of the University of South Florida and a business owner herself, she understands what is needed to create and operate a business.

Adam Dotson

Ironwood Capital

Adam is responsible for a broad range of tasks related to the investment activities of the firm, including deal sourcing, transaction-based due diligence, exploratory market research and portfolio company monitoring. Prior to joining Ironwood in 2012, Adam worked at SeventySix Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm located outside Philadelphia. The beneficiary of a diversified, global background, Adam has worked or consulted for a variety of corporations and organizations across the world, including the United Nations Environment Programme-Financing Initiative and the International Institute of Education.

Keith Dee

Osage Advisors

Keith is President of Osage Advisors with more than 30 years of experience advising business owners and families of midsize companies and helping them maximize value through M&A and capital transactions. Over the course of his career, Keith was a partner of a CPA firm and ran several privately held businesses. This unique combination of financial and operating experience enables him to understand and meet the goals and objectives of his clients. Keith has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, business services, IT, healthcare and distribution.

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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

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