Tri-State Summit: Three Lenses of the Deal


Program produced by XPX Tri-State.

The Exit Planning Exchange (“XPX”) Tri-State – covering New York (New York City & Long Island), Connecticut (Fairfield & Hartford), and New Jersey – is holding a regional virtual event from 4-6PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 to examine the three main aspects that influence a deal – business environment, deal teams and the business owners.

  • An interactive discussion with Tom McLoughlin, Head of Americas Fixed Income/UBS CIO Global Wealth Management, on the recent release of “The Future of New York” report and how it ties to the regional economy and suburban county budget developments.
  • Collaboration Case Studies which demonstrate the power of your trusted fellow XPX resources. Get an insider perspective from a panel of professionals that sat on both sides of the table together on a deal.
  • A Business Exit: The Good, Bad and Ugly: Lessons learned

Our Speakers:

Tom McLoughlin
Head of Americas Fixed Income
UBS CIO Global Wealth Management

Tom McLoughlin is Head of Fixed Income Americas, focusing on the taxable and tax-exempt fixed income markets and on areas of public policy. In his current role, Tom manages an interdisciplinary team covering taxable and tax-exempt strategy, corporate credit, preferred securities, closed-end funds, and municipal bonds.

Tom has spent 37 years in US fixed income markets. Prior to joining UBS in 2010, he served as CEO of National Public Finance Guarantee Corporation. Prior to his tenure at National, he held a number of positions at MBIA Insurance Corp., including Head of Global Public Finance and manager of the US Western Region.

Marc Hermann
Formerly President & Owner
Trylon Wire and Metal Works, Inc.

Marc Herrmann was President and Owner of Trylon Wire and Metal Works, Inc. prior to its recent sale during the midst of Covid-19. Trylon’s roots date back to 1955 where Marc’s father advanced from worker to partner and eventual owner and where Marc succeeded him to lead the company upon his father’s retirement. Headquartered in the Bronx, Trylon’s business focus was in the metal fabrication sector and had varying evolutions over the years in its product set; ranging from household goods to custom fabrications for the likes of Walmart and others. Marc will be sharing his and Tryon’s exit story to XPX and its guests at our Tri-state event.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

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