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Ken Segal of LGA, LLP is a member of XPX Greater Boston

“One day, you’re gonna wake up, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, go about your business. And sooner or later, you’re gonna realize you haven’t thought about it. And that’s the moment you realize you can forget. When you know that’s possible, it all gets easier.” Mike Ehrmantraut, Better Call Saul Perhaps our lead quote…

Marc Kramer of Stress Free Family Business is a member of XPX Philadelphia

Date: August 19, 2022 Start Time: 12 p.m. EST End Time: 1 p.m. EST Platform: Zoom Questions: Chat Free Link to Meet Author: Dr. Shameen Prashantham In Gorillas Can Dance, distinguished international business strategy professor and expert Dr. Shameen Prashantham delivers a proven roadmap for large corporations collaborating with startups. Drawing on over a decade of international research, Dr. Prashantham…

Stephen Davis of Safe Harbor Asset Management is a member of XPX Tri-State

After a tsunami of a year facilitating 1031 Exchange transactions, we found there are many misconceptions among investors about 1031 Exchanges. Here are five of the most common areas of investor confusion. Reverse Exchanges Are Quick & Simple: Identifying replacement property in a hot market was a challenge for 1031 Exchangers this past year, causing…

Bill McDermott of The Profitability Coach is a member of XPX Atlanta

Host Bill McDermott was joined by three accomplished business leaders on this edition of ProfitSense. Banker Samantha McElhaney discussed what business owners need to be focused on now, what to look for in choosing an advisor, as well as how she uses her extensive network to assist her clients. Keith Costley shared how his engineering consulting…

Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX

Program produced by XPX Atlanta. Trusted advisors and the deal team need to look beyond numbers and operational process, to the people who will lead the company and deliver the value after the sale. Our 4 panelists come from M&A, Operations, HR, and HR Systems, to bring a comprehensive view of the impact of team…

Maria Forbes of FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC. is a member of XPX Atlanta

Has the pandemic prompted your leadership team to reconsider employee purpose? We have prioritized compensation, well-being, resilience and more, but you mustn’t forget purpose or your employees may be reconsidering YOU. In a recent McKinsey & Company survey, two-thirds of US-based employees said they expect their jobs to bring a significant sense of purpose to…


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