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Program produced by XPX Philadelphia. behind the numbers: Quality of earnings in a transaction Quality of Earnings Reports are becoming a key activity during the due diligence process. In this session we will take a deeper look at what a Q of E report is and why it is important. Our Speaker: Richard Izzi, Partner,…


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When do I start my exit planning and how much is my company worth? We have gotten these questions for decades, especially from Baby Boomers. Sometimes it comes across casually: “So what do you think, should I start my exit plan 2 years ahead, maybe 3 years ahead?” They often ask knowing the answer. They are trying…

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When a valuable employee tells you that they’ve received a job offer from another company, making a counteroffer may seem like a no-brainer.  But before you do, consider these potential downsides. If you are throwing money at jobs, think twice. Owners that have not paid attention to employee compensation on an annual basis will now…

By Tom Aiken While more companies transact and store their business off premises, SaaS companies have seen a run up in their valuations. Since 2015, the SaaS market continues to grow—18% annually—while 99% of organizations are using at least one cloud solution to drive demand. From an investor perspective, SaaS companies provide a dependable revenue…

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Many business owners wonder, “What will I do after I sell my business?” While most envision travel, or golf, etc., many fail to understand that they will likely have to stay on board for months or even a couple years to transition the business to the new owners. This period can be hard for many…

Maria Forbes of FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC. is a member of XPX Atlanta

What is a Unique Contributor?  Employers that are committed to engaging the reliable strengths of their teams cultivate what we call a Unique Contributor business model. These employers have a direct line of sight to their best competitive advantage, their secret weapon to ongoing growth, their talent base. What about you? Knowledge of your true…


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