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RSG is excited to announce our new workshop titled “Professionalizing the Family Business,” which is initially available to MA-based family businesses.  Generous state funding is available since our workshop is approved through the MA Workforce Training Fund – specifically the Express Program. If you have existing MA clients or others in your network that might…

Learn how to get Global Publicity! Meet 3-time Best Selling author Jill Lublin co-author of “Guerrilla Publicity” click here for a free ticket to speak to Jill:

I’m having a lot of client dialogue on Cash Balance Plans (CBPs).  A CBP is the third sleeve of a Retirement Plan – following the standard 401k and Profit Sharing sleeves of traditional plans.  The contribution limits are substantial allowing participants the ability to contribute significant $s pretax and to grow those contributions tax deferred….

Managing Today’s Reality of Excess Inventory:   The Domino Effect of Having Out-Dated Software Systems.   Not having real time information on the fast-moving products. Not having accurate information of the inventory level in multiple locations. No method of tracking Vendor Reliability of ON-TIME deliveries.   What are the Results of Excess Inventory? Late shipments…


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