Customer Lifecycle Management

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At our February Cross-Chapter Power Networking session, we introduced a new format aptly named “Ask the Cross-Chapter Experts”. Our facilitator, XPX Nashville member, Lisa Kaufman, a sell-side M&A advisor to family-owned businesses called on 5 members (herself included) to present their “Current Client/Deal Challenge” to the group. Fellow members then became the “experts” providing input and possible resolutions for one of…

  In our last article about life after the sale we discussed identity. Even when business owners are comfortable with who they are, however, there is still the nuts and bolts issue of activity. A business owner spends 20, 30, or (not uncommonly with Boomers,) 40 years focused on running a business. Unless they’ve built a substantial…

Work from anywhere has been a necessity, an epithet, an obstacle, and an opportunity over the last 3 years. To paraphrase Aristotle’s axiom about Nature (“Horror Vacui”), business abhors a vacuum. Where one occurs, it is quickly filled. Work from anywhere started as a COVID-induced necessity. During the lockdowns of 2020-2021 (and longer in some…


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