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Good morning Jack, Sometimes you have good conversations but not too many are great ones.  I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s call and it is unusual to find someone who has a track record and the competence that you display as it relates to your practice. Please let me know how you would like to proceed as…

What makes an established business “bankable” as opposed to perpetually seeking investor capital? The standard suite of financials a bank looks for are pure data, such as the income statement, balance sheet, and AR-aging.  These are backward-looking, based on past performance.  However there are also a number of reports a client can create themselves that…

Learn to be a Rebel to Affect Change! Meet Harvard Business Contributor Dr. Todd Kashdan author of “The Art of Insubordination” click here to participate:

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to close their doors, sending employees home to work remotely, many leaders worried about the long-tail effects on culture, employee engagement, and morale. As it turns out, some of those concerns were unfounded. Recent research has found that, if anything, the companies that offer remote work options have stronger cultures and higher levels…

Since selling your business is likely the most significant and financially impactful transaction of your life, I share the Top 3 Sales Priorities every business owner must take to maximize their company’s sales price at Exit. Background – Unfortunately, Sales has been one of the most impactful, yet overlooked, aspects of Exit Planning. Exit Planning…


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